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Yes, you.  This post is for you. Today. In the middle of your busy life. Where you are at now, in your health and fitness journey. Irregardless of your age. No matter what your size. Despite what that gal in the mirror says to you. I am here to correct her;  and put her lies on notice. Because you are beautiful, and you deserve to feel breathtaking. TODAY.  I spend my life using boudoir photos to help gals gain self esteem, by showing them that they are indeed desirable and gorgeous. Of course, confidence is something that comes from the inside. But it helps if you can peel off the layers of self hate about what you see on the outside. As Megan Trainor says “Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top”.  I believe that. There is only one of you. You cannot be replaced. You are special and your characteristics are unique. So today when you glance in the mirror, don’t let that little voice tell you all the things that you are not. Don’t let that little voice pick on every little thing about you. Tell that mirror the truth that you are worthy and lovely. You are a GODDESS.Boudoir Photos, Columbus Boudoir Photographer, Boudoir Photography Columbus Ohio, Pickerington Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photos, Columbus Boudoir Photography, Sexy Pictures, Bra and Panty Pictures, Sexy Pics, Sexy Photos, Lingerie Photos, Lingerie Pictures, Ohio Boudoir, Modern Boudoir Photography, Tasteful Boudoir Images, Glamorous Boudoir, Sexy Boudoir, Classy Boudoir Photographer, Lingerie Photos, Luxury Boudoir, Artistic Boudoir Photos, Bridal Boudoir, Gift for the Groom, Ohio Bride, Columbus Bride, Anniversary Gift, Angela Woolridge Portrait,,

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