Maternity photos are always a beautiful treasure!

Maternity photos are a fabulous way to ensure that you have a wonderful recording of this unique part of your journey. This is one of the most incredible times in a woman’s life. Her body is doing an amazing thing, creating another human. To me personally, it is always mind boggling to think about how new life is created. A woman’s body is truly remarkable and it is a work of art in all of it’s forms. The strength and resiliency that is see in females is always inspirational. Maternity photos are so beautiful. I always feel especially honored to photograph expectant moms. I often see clients for the first time in a boudoir session, and then again a few years later when they are pregnant.

Usually these images are captured between the seventh to eighth month of pregnancy. Often ladies are worried about being “swollen” or appearing “fat”; but rest assured that you are in good hands when you come into the studio for your maternity photo session. All photos produced are given a magazine style edit that includes taking care of little problem areas. We do a range of maternity poses. You can do gorgeous implied nudes similar to the iconic Demi Moore maternity photo; and you can do cute outfits and pretty maternity gowns. We do have several gowns in our studio wardrobe, which clients can use for free. Some clients choose to do a studio session with us, and then meet up with their partner for some couple’s maternity photos in the studio or outside.

A huge thank you to Mrs W for giving me permission to share her stunning maternity photos. I am so glad you did this session; and it’s an honor to know you and follow your journey in life. Maternity photo Columbus Ohio maternity photo, woman in lace maternity dress maternity photos, woman in dress looking out window maternity photos Columbus Ohio Maternity photos, pregnant woman sitting on chair Pregnant woman, maternity photos Boudoir maternity photos Boudoir maternity photo Boudoir style maternity photo, pregnant woman on a bed Boudoir style maternity photo, pregnant woman on a bed Boudoir style maternity photo, pregnant woman on a bed Happy pregnant lady, maternity photos Maternity photo, materntiy art black and white materntiy photo, black lace dress maternity photos, baby bump Boudoir style maternity photo, pregnant woman in lingerie Gorgeous maternity photo, woman in white sheet Boudoir style maternity photos

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