The perfect Mother’s Day gift | Columbus Glamor Photography

She planned for you long before you even arrived on planet earth,  and she dreamed of how beautiful and perfect that you would be. She proudly showed you off to the world,  and cared for your every need. She was your biggest fan, your nurturer, your chauffeur, your chef, your maid, your teacher.  She forgave all your mistakes, and sat in the front row at every concert and attended your sports events.  She smiled at you the way no one else has ever smiled at you.  She sacrificed financially so that you could enroll in certain things and get ahead in your education. You are one of her finest and proudest achievements and she still loves to show you off as often as she can……

Now that you are a grown woman and busy with your own life she sees you less,  and all the photos that she has of you are even more valuable to her…..

Perhaps treating her to a makeover and a glamorous photo shoot with you would be the perfect way to make her smile this month.

Let my make up artist give her a fresh new look,  and let me pose her to show off her best assets and hide what she does not like about herself; so that we can create a family heirloom for you to hand down to your children and your grand children.

Nothing says “I love you, Mom” like a beautiful portrait of you with her.

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